Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Balls in the Air

Well there are a ton of balls in the air!

Don't forget about the second grade concert!  - In the calendar.

Don't forget about the second grade portfolio Share!  In the calendar.

Find out yesterday that son needs white T Shirt for tye die on Thursday - figure out we don't have one, and I have no time to get one - "borrow" husband's white T shirt and hope no one knows.  Shhhh, my secret is safe with you.

Don't forget about the Brownie permission slip for the hike!  Done!

Don't forget to tell afterschool that girl won't be there on Monday due to hike - Done.

Don't forget to tell teacher that girl will be dismissed with Brownie leader. . . . WHOOOOPS!  Get email from teacher. . . .

Don't forget to attend Religious School Meeting on Sunday evening to find out about new program - Done!

Leave meeting feeling frustrated that there is not enough information, thus leading to schedule meeting with Rabbi and Educational Director - in process.  Speak to friends to confirm that being frustrated is okay and what to do about it. . . .

Start packing older child for overnight camp - stuff is gathering in box, have not gotten duffles out of basement, and still have labels to put on clothes - in process.

Call hotels for guests for Bar Mitzvah next year - find out preferred hotel is booked, working on second choice - need to get a tour - phone tag with hotel contact person.

Attend really close friend's wedding - DONE and had FUN!

Schedule Girls Night Out - when I have time I will find time to see my friends.

Move Bar Mitzvah lesson so boy can attend elementary school class re-union - DONE

Call overnight camp to confirm Bar Mitzvah lessons at camp. - ON LIST TO DO

Schedule tour of Museum to meet new contact person at museum for Bar Mitzvah - on the to do list.

Schedule call with caterer - on the to do list

Continue to ask husband what he wants for Father's Day and panic that shopping time is fading away, and wonder, where are those Father's Day cards that I purchased and had the kids sign . . . . .

Find hotel for summer vacation - WAAAAY down on the list

Find overnight hotel for our anniversary - whoops!

Reschedule Jury duty for time when NOT on vacation - DONE

Complete notary application for renewal.  - In process

Type up one year time line of Bar Mitzvah to do's. . . . get some wine and freak out  - so many small details that MUST be done.